Tuesday, October 25, 2005

The Volvo

Two years ago I got rid of my Saab 9-3 (and a $405 monthly payment). I bought a 1986 Volvo 240DL for $900. The boxy kind. The rusty, brick-red, brick-heavy kind of volvo that earned the company its safety reputation - I know a story about a guy who got rear-ended by a 1/2 ton truck. Volvo: scratched bumper. Truck: replaced bumper. Anyway, a $900 car has its ups and downs. Ups: Minimum coverage, never worrying about locking your doors, cheaper than the Saab in 2.3 months (unless, of course, it goes to shit.) Downs: Worrying about silly things like "Are my wheels going to fly off?" (not yet) and "Will I make it to the dealership?" (so far, so good) and "What is that muffler-dragging-on-the-street sound?" (the muffler, dragging on the street, as it turns out). But dammit, I love that car. I love that I have two Volvos. And that the "new" one (98 V70) has 95K miles on it. The 1986 has about 195K (If I drive it at my current pace of 4 miles a day, I'll hit 200K before I'm fifty).

It's not the handling. Quite honestly, it reminds me of driving a gigantic bell. It short of tips and shimmies and leans. But the pick-up is good for a 4 cylinder car made exclusively out of steel.

It's not the gadgetry - hand crank windows, the original tapedeck/radio, and manual door locks are about the only "gadgets" (the fuse burned out on the seat warmers, the A/C lost its freon years ago and three of the ten defroster lines on the back window don't heat).

I guess I'll have to replace it (a $500 repair would technically total the car - but I'm sure it'll end up keeping the snow off one of my off-street parking spaces long after I cave and buy myself a newish S60 in the Spring.

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Buck Super Stereo said...

aren't you supposed to be cutting edge since you're creative?!?! how can you just now be getting into this?

warning - it gets kind of additing. i have one for keira as well.