Wednesday, December 14, 2005

iPod echo-boomer

Too old to be cool. Too young to take advantage of the AARP discount at the movies.

I bought an iPod.


I know. "Really? It took you this long?" It was going to be either me or the old guy who lives at the Y and dresses in dresses. But he's officially the last person on earth to own an iPod. You know the term early adopter? I'm a "let's see if this thing catches on - okay, it's caught on, let's see if the price comes down - okay the price has come down but I've lasted this long - okay I've lasted this long but my entire purchased music collection from the last 2 years is stranded on my office computer" adopter.

Did I buy the new one? The video one? The impossibly small Nano? No No. I got the dusty 4th generation 20GB iPod classic (the ones they can't give away, but they can sell to the begrudgingly-late adopters.

So thank you, 20th century, for welcoming me with open earbuds. But I will NEVER EVER until they put screws on my fingers pay for satellite radio.


Buck Super Stereo said...

i'm actually surprised you got one. with iTunes at work and xpn everywhere else (except travel), i'm not sure if you need it.

and the no satellite stance? wait until you move away from said xpn. regular radio sucks. i'm about to subscribe to sirius. or at least i better be about to. i left enough fucking hints for the wife to pick up on the fact that i want it for my bday/xmas/chanukkah gift. if she missed that one, i may have to take the baby and move somewhere else.

kbassick said...

I have a "best of the 80s" CD collection just waiting to be loaded on that baby...

And TONS of the Wiggles...I know how much you love the Wiggles...