Wednesday, December 14, 2005

iPod echo-boomer

Too old to be cool. Too young to take advantage of the AARP discount at the movies.

I bought an iPod.


I know. "Really? It took you this long?" It was going to be either me or the old guy who lives at the Y and dresses in dresses. But he's officially the last person on earth to own an iPod. You know the term early adopter? I'm a "let's see if this thing catches on - okay, it's caught on, let's see if the price comes down - okay the price has come down but I've lasted this long - okay I've lasted this long but my entire purchased music collection from the last 2 years is stranded on my office computer" adopter.

Did I buy the new one? The video one? The impossibly small Nano? No No. I got the dusty 4th generation 20GB iPod classic (the ones they can't give away, but they can sell to the begrudgingly-late adopters.

So thank you, 20th century, for welcoming me with open earbuds. But I will NEVER EVER until they put screws on my fingers pay for satellite radio.