Thursday, January 05, 2006


I will say "Fuck" less.
I will join the Y.
I will pay down my credit card debt.

It's not Gandhi's resolutions, but we all have to start somewhere.

I'll unofficially add "I will not drink wine that costs less than $8 per bottle."

And "I will order something other than filet mignon oscar-style next time I go to a good steakhouse."

I forgot "I will refrain from blasting my co-workers verbally."

Flossing should be on there. And doing the dishes every night, not just whenever the sink gets clogged with congealed leftovers or the stink gets too bad.

And no more blogging after 6PM on a weeknight.


Buck Super Stereo said...

I will say "Fuck" less.
I will refrain from blasting my co-workers verbally.

i'm sad to say, but that just wouldn't be you. resolutions are supposed to be things that can be easily dismissed. not life-altering changes. these two are like saying "i resolve to be gay this year." can't be done. or maybe it can. didn't JR go back and forth?

James-H said...

I'm aware that I'm setting myself up for failure.
Goals - no matter how unreachable - imply the recognition of the need for growth. And for a guy who peaked out at 5'8.365", I'll have to consider growth in other areas.

I need to say "Fuck" less in front of my son.