Friday, January 06, 2006

so far so good

I am blogging before 6.
And I'm blogging right before lunch, so there's no way I can blog for more than 5 minutes.

I have my new iPod set on "Songs that rock" and I'm disturbed by the amount of classic rock in my library. Should that be the case? Is it weird for a 32 year old guy to have a bunch of Marilyn Manson and Justin Timberlake on his iPod (removing for a second the weirdness of either of those bands).

Shit. I dress in "GAP" jeans and banana republic shirts. The edgiest thing about my style is my shoes and my vocabulary. I have even given up on hair product. When they come up with a way to apply it that doesn't involve touching it with your hands, I may switch back. So what's a guy like me going to do with an iPod full of Eminem? Will my kid be horrified? Will my kid be horrified no matter what I do?


Until he can play guitar (or drums) better than me, I'll have that going for me.

I guess as long as he doesn't catch me in line at the courthouse with a Miller Lite tall boy, he'll manage to maintain some respect for me.

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