Wednesday, February 08, 2006


There's a profound lack of interesting stuff going on right now. All my vacations are WAY off in the future. All my home projects are awaiting a greenlight from the money manager. I have a new (white) Volvo, which keeps my bloodpressure low and my adrenaline in check. Definition of dependable. I look to my job for excitement and find it in the form of foosball, three ten-minute guitar jams spread throughout the day, fortifying my iTunes, and many, many cups of disappointing coffee. The highlight of my day will be a trip to the dentist. What the hell?


Buck Super Stereo said...

come on...its gotta be somewhat exciting there....

where's madsen with his intricate stories of "dude...i was fucking megan last night and i was totally thinking of buffy."?

or kristina wailing about the typesize of the registered trademark of "restroomz" not being within the standards of conformity filed in the US Patent & Trademark office?

or kevin running 82 miles a day. during lunch.

or the collective sigh of everyone that's been to a real agency and knows that the media department is supposed to be hot twenty-somethings?

or how about taking the time to create a new alpaca conspiracy theory? (that would make for an interesting post in and of itself)

you know the agency life. enjoy the slow part while you can. schmuck.

and tell your wife that we may be starting to regret not going with the "7% girl" from her office. fucking bitch probably put a hex on the sale of our house.

Rikki said...

dumb bad coffee

Rikki said...

surely the dentist would be your 'teeth highlight' and not your 'whole self highlight'... i go to the dentist.
Where to you work??? I understand that it's prolly written somewhere in your blog, but i'm too busy having life highlights to go find it.

brainofjames said...

Wow. While "fucking" my fiance, I have never thought about anyone but you, Chris. Idiot.