Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Serious about advertising?

There are a TON of blogs about advertising. Like this one
which is really thoughtfully written and complete with a ton of links to OTHER people's advertising blogs. Advertising has wholeheartedly embraced a medium that was once reserved for kids who were soooo pissed at their parents and nerds swapping code to make their Unreal Tournament characters' boobs bigger.

Why? Why do people who write ads all day go home and write about writing ads all night? Or critiquing ads. Good ads and bad ads. Ads that have been done before. Ads that could have been great. Ads that are indeed great.

Why? Why aren't they out stocking up on Jack Daniels and the latest published works of T. Coraghessan Boyle? Why aren't they opening a bottle of wine with their wives and talking about the fucking barn swallows nesting under the back porch?

I think I know the answer. To be really, truly GREAT at advertising, you have to give everything else up. Wives. Barn Swallows. T.C. Boyle. Everything. Buy yourself a Mini with a Vespa rack and really pour yourself into this business and shop it, write it, talk it, party it and eventually die trying. Then you will be great. At advertising. And I'll be sipping Jack and Gingers with one hand, swatting at the birds with my grilling tongs, humming along with the Steve Miller Band on my 4th generatiion iPod.

My mom called me to tell me that a TV spot I finished about a year ago is finally airing in PA.

You can see this spot (although I can't seem to actually link to it here) if you visit:

I think it's pretty terrible, actually. Perhaps if I spent more time thinking about, and writing about advertising, I'd be nailing it with funnier spots. Perhaps if I hadn't let a copywriter bully me into this ugly fucking transfer. DAMN!

Here's another reason why I think adfolk love blogs: We're selling them. We're selling them as one of the great new untapped mediums. And in order to sell it, you have to know it. And keep it alive. No one wants to buy a dead medium.

So here's a great advertising blog for those of you who want to know what great advertising is:


Be great. Let me know if you want to take a break and be great at something else, too.


Rikki said...

I knew you'd acknowledge my existence sooner or later.

James-H said...

Just had to work you effortlessly into the diatribe.

kjbassick said...

Wild rabbits? Um...yeah, that's not good...

James-H said...

C'mon - 144 rabbits in a convenience store? It has the makins' of funny.