Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Death by Volvo

The Volvo Dealership is killing me.
$700 headlight repair.
$300 A/C recharge (not even a repair).

Volvo's are expensive cars. Especially if you are not mechanically inclined and you own two Volvos that are more than three years old. Old Volvos are cheap. My 240 was the least expensive car, per month, that I ever owned. But it didn't have air conditioning, air bags, a radio, or power anything.

And the first time I had a major repair, I donated it to charity.

Still - I'm thinking about doing it again.: going back to the 240 - maybe a 240 wagon. Something I can purchase outright for less than $2000 and drive for four years.

I'm such a creature of habitual self-inflicted misery.

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