Wednesday, July 05, 2006

A whimper.

The Coppell 4th of July Parade needs help. One marching band? A great one to be sure - the Coppell Cowboy Marching Band is fortified with enough snare drums to keep my son's attention for almost two solid minutes.

Some of the notable floats: a dentist office with giant walking teeth, a 50-year old woman walking next to a 2004 convertible BMW with a banner that read "Vote Democrat in 2006" , several dogs dressed in red, white and blue scarves panting in obvious distress, a church distributing water to the wilting crowd and distressed dogs, and two Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders in a pick-up truck.

No wonder Coppell rated where it did in D Magazine's 62 Best Dallas Suburbs. Uh, 62? I can only assume that if Coppell had a real 4th of July Parade, its own fireworks display (each July 4th, the denizens of Coppell converge upon the "grassy" slopes of Andy Brown Park to watch neighboring Lewisville's Vista Ridge fireworks display over the trees) and a liquor store or two we'd be in the running with other suburbs that are further outside the city like Prosper and Murphy or the always-highly-ranked Highland Park/University Park phenomenon. I mean what good is suburban living if you have to drive twenty minutes to get a bottle of scotch?

I was also disturbed to learn that my favorite Mexican restaurant in Coppell is the closest one to be being shut down by the health department. Ain't that always the way? What is it with asian restaurants and the health department? Three of four unsavory ratings went to asian restaurants. The fourth was my Mexican restaurant with the best table-side guacamole in Coppell.

My wife will no longer eat at these places. Rightly so. Who wants to suffer the consequences of "pinto beans stored next to raw pork", "cracked chip scoop", etc.?

So now I have to learn how to make my own guacamole and perfect my lettuce wraps. Dang you, unclean restaurants.

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