Thursday, August 24, 2006


The Russians are golfing. The Russians are golfing.

I stumbled upon this news while sipping my morning coffee. And while there is almost no substance to this story, I think it's a great example of blog-baiting: useless news that people incorporate into their blogs, thereby increasing the online circulation of news websites like Yahoo and

Basically bloggers like me, starved for actual insights, grab one of these stupid stories, offer snarky commentary, and invite the public to comment with their own snarky commentary. It's beautiful. Except that it's a) useless and b) basically advertising. And it must be working.

One step shy of the Onion, who blatantly fabricates ridiculous stories in an uber-editorial way, traditional news websites promote useless news in its own category of "offbeat stories" and "odd news". Not unlike the last story of a local newscast - that one that leaves you feeling a little better at the end of the Nightly News - just after you've been informed that the economy is crumbling, the planet is edging ever closer to the next natural disaster, and there's a child rapist/murderer loose in your neighborhood.

Nearly every blog I read has at least occasional reference to articles with this kind of appeal. Perhaps that's because I'm in advertising, I read advertising blogs, and we're all somewhat taken by the cultural implications of what most people would classify as "pretty stupid but funny."

So I'll admit it: I can only really offer so much advertising and marketing insight - the rest of it is just silly crap I find on the net and bitching about the financial mistakes I've made that have come back to haunt me.

My saving grace is that there are smarter people than me that provide me with worthy reading material from which to "riff". I feel like my middle school jazz band conducter. Dwee Doo Dot. Dwee Do Dot.

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Irene Done said...

You caught me. You caught the blog-baiter.

I'll be honest too: there are days when if it weren't for Russian golfing or Kevin Federline, I'd have to shut up. And who wants that? Oh wait.