Friday, August 18, 2006


All that pushing and groaning paid off.
It's alive.

I'm being prepped for my post-episiotomy sutures. With an airplane-bottle of Jack Daniels.


Mike said...

Kris and I will be sending along some onesies and a cap that she knitted for your latest creation. So, you're the "brooding, yet fun" one? The arrow's pointing right at you.

Beautiful work. A way cool site. Makes me want to build a business just so I can have you guys work up some cool shit for me!

Mack said...

Terrific site. Much better than Mark could have ever done hunting-and-a-pecking by himself.

Buck Super Stereo said...

if i move to dallas, i know where i want to work. and not just because i miss my drinking buddy from bumblefuck, pa.

what were we thinking?

J_Fox said...

Man, who wrote that "What else?" BS? Oh wait. Crap.