Tuesday, October 03, 2006

AHA moment

This just in.

Good journalism = anything that gets people talking.


CBS has lowered the standard of new reporting to anything that's "blogworthy."

Isn't that what me and Irene Done are for?

It's the CBS news, not Bill Maher. Not FOX News. Not Al Franken.

Quit being newsworthy and report the fucking news.
I knew putting Katie in charge was a bad idea.


Jetpacks said...

Recipe for 3rd Place Ratings:

Take a "perky" Lite-News veteran and ask her to smile less, emote a little less, and practice very hard looking like a journalist. ("We need more downturned eyebrow emphasis on this one, Katie!")

Then create a giant mediastorm of publicity, featuring Katie all over the magazines, all over the banners, and all over everything.

Get Katie to ask the viewers how she should sign-off her nightly broadcasts.

Get Katie to ask the viewers want they want to see on the news.

Shake until frothy.

Pour down sink.

Make the logo bigger said...

That’s also the same arguement used for PSAs that 'shock' by any means possible or the PR fav: any press is good press.

Oh yeah?

Might as well start staging live executions on CNN then. Draw a freakin' 40 share guaranteed. Get Coke to sponsor them.

But hey, whatever gets ratings is ok with producers, so it’s ok.

As for Katie, besides the Katie Colon-cam, I still can’t forget a suggestion from copyranter's blog for what her closing line should be every night:

“You stay classy America!”