Monday, October 09, 2006

The full Glover

The last time a Crispin was this busy, he nearly knocked Letterman's teeth out.

The Crispin I'm referring to this time is, of course, Alex's Crispin.
Speaking of which, do you all think Alex and Chuck get pissed that no one calls the shop "Porter" or "Bogusky"? Who the hell is this Crispin fellow, anyway? And why isn't he being splattered all over the cover of Adweek? I can find nothing on him (or her) on the CPB website, because they have an alarming lack of bios

Between snakes for Burger King and Slash (who had a band called 'Snakepit', right?) for VW, CPB has a bunch of crap circulating on youTube and AdCritic .

And its creativity/YouTubability/Crispinness aside - I'd just like to comment on "CRIPES Crispin is producing a lot of spots!"

I mean, damn.

I guess we are approaching the event horizon where all work being done by anyone is being done by Crispin and they'll have to 'pull a Stan', as we like to say here in Dallas, when someone splits off an agency in order to serve a conflicting piece of business in the same category.

Here's another thought, on the heels of dropping Mini like a hot potato for VW. Is there an account they'd drop VW for? Mercedes? Toyota? Do you think Volkswagen's CMO wakes up in a cold sweat wondering if Alex is dreaming about driving a Land Cruiser?

I can't help but think about the man who cheats on his wife, then marries that woman. Does she really think he won't dump her for the next tart that starts working late to grease the tracks of her career? Once unfaithful, it's pretty much assumed always unfaithful. Which is why Bernstein Rein is crapping themselves right about now. That's like a man who's been married for sixty years waking up one morning and saying - "Thanks to Viagra, I think I'd like to play the field, thanks." BR is thinking: I raised your fucking CHILDREN, you ungrateful bastard. I hope you catch a wicked dose.

No love. No respect.

Think Mini was pissed to get dumped like a housewife? Whatever Butler Shine is doing for them has been pretty invisible compared to all the VW shit flying around as of late. And all the Burger King stuff. And all the Miller Lite stuff. The :30 second TV commercial is dead, my ass. it lives, and it goes by "Crispin".


Jetpacks said...

Nice find on the Crispin Glover video, one of the better (unsung) performance art pieces.

Make the logo bigger said...

I see your bizarre Letterman clip and I raise you:

He put a CD out with the strangest cover of a song I ever heard, guaranteed. A snippet here: These Boots Were Made For Walking.

When it came out, he also included a phone number for people to call him and answer the problem in the CD title.

If anyone can make it through the entire CD let alone that cover, I will wash their car for a year and a day. I said a year and a day.

I had the CD but now it's gone. I don't think it's a stretch to say it vaporized itself out of my collection – yes, it's that fucking weird.

Even Courtney Love wants to know wtf he's smoking.