Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Whatever happened to the witty headline? Fox would have you believe that the days of the punnerific headline are behind us, along with mullets, spots directed by Pytka and Leo Burnettisms.

But I see articles like the one pictured above, and I think: if ever there was an appropriate time for Adweek to drag out the double entendre, THIS is it. Sally forth and take a swing. A jab. A poke. At least a tip of the hat.

"5 agencies left to service Penthouse"
"Penthouse faces hard decision"
"Droga 5 and others lower expectations, pants."

Fun, isn't it?
I mean the article itself is a throwaway - why not get a little credit for recognizing that and making this a little blogbait? At least Leno-bait.

Go on. Take your best shot.


Make the logo bigger said...

Penthouse tight-lipped about agency search.

“Dear Agencies, you’re not gonna believe this but...“

New agency to simulate creative sought for Penthouse.

Man I am so fucking bored.


James-H said...

Thank you for playing.

J_Fox said...

Penthouse cuts Saatchi & Saatchi after learning they're two dudes.

James-H said...

News to me.