Friday, October 27, 2006

A Poll up my...

A friend actually emailed me today to specifically ask if he should buy a Volvo on eBay.
Long time readers can only imagine my response, in all its f-bombed glory. But I thought, courtesy of a poll-making machine I found on Make the Logo Bigger (kick ass, bro) I'd open it up to the floor:

Have you ever been fucked on eBay?
Hell, Yes
Don't Know
Define "fucked"
Define "ever"
Define "eBay"
Conscientious Objector
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Make the logo bigger said...

I came close though once. Outbid for a hi-end video camera. But later, the person emailed saying the 'winning' bidder all of a sudden dropped out and it was now mine, but now the price had now gone up another $300 somehow.

Fuck that. Told them see ya.

Scooter Pooch said...

Hey ACD/Art Director:

Next time, have a copywriter (or an account person) proof your posts before they go up.


Lisa Sutton
Second Runner up in the 1985 Elmonica Elementary School Spelling Bee

James-H said...

I'll fix it for ya.