Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Prayers = Answered

Not that this is nearly this big deal it would have been when I was, say, 19 and drinking my weight in beer on the average Saturday afternoon.

Still this is comforting. A round of livers for everyone. The applause was audible within a ten mile radius of the Betty Ford clinic.

Mad props to Mke The Logo Bigger, which seems to have its finger on the pulse of things I give a shit about.

I may just start reposting all his stories here.
Rename the blog "yonderponderMTLB"

Still, I like to think I can contribute
Guessing that, like the Tango, a 'farm-raised liver' will, atleast initially, be reserved for the celebrity-rich - a group which is full of candidates.

1 comment:

Make the logo bigger said...

I was gonna go the alkeeholic route, good you brought it up.

And naming rights deals like the University of Phoenix recent stadium one are always on the table people.

And just when Jolie got me nUtZ, Madonna rears her smug head. She may make tomorrow's poll.