Monday, October 16, 2006

a rebuttal.

My friend, Fox, over at the Adhole, linked up a little article about the decline of the flip-flop. Just in time to coincide with the first 3-footer to fall in New York State, flip-flops are officially going out of style.

I wore flip-flops for something like 80 days straight this summer.
Just like I did last summer.
And the summer before that.

I've been wearing flip flops as my primary shoe wear pretty much since I was a junior in high school, when I bought my first pair of super-thick Reefs at a surfshop in Ocean City, NJ (Big shout out to the 7th street gang)

Weirdly, I've been so NOT cool for so long that eventually, cool found me. This made it convenient for me to, say, wear flip flops to dinner at DelFrisco's a few weeks back. I probably would have tried to do this anyway, just to draw the occasional dirty look. I needn't have worried, my shower-wear was NOTHING compared to the guy in the Nascar T-shirt whose children were gathered around a portable DVD player in the restaurant's main dining room.

Poor out-of-style me.

If you read the article closely, it's all New Yorkers bitching about how dirty the streets (and thus a flip-floppers feet) are. I simply don't have that problem padding around my house, my back yard, or my office in a pair of properly broken in leather thongs. And honestly, a pair of combat boots would look a little out of place in Dallas.

I think we can safely blame the entire trend on miami Chic. Where less is never enough. And where women can get away with wearing nothing more than shoe polish and a smile, and still get a seat at any steak restaurant in town.

Yes, yes. *sigh* I'll be wearing shoes from now on. Especially now that I know there's a rule about no flip-flops on the hardhat tour. But you bet your pedicure I'll be cracking those flipflops out again next May. Cool or, more probably, not.

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Jetpacks said...

I have two primary pairs of footwear: Yardwork flip-flops and Dress flip-flops.

It might predate Miami Chic and go back to SoCal Surf, pre-Vans.

(And in a dual revelation of both my lack of fashion sense and lack of class, I recommend the Cherokee leather flip-flop from Target...$16.)