Tuesday, October 24, 2006


The Cowboys are looking pretty bad today. From the parking lot to the slot. From the pitiful drive to the stadium (3 hours??) to the pitiful drives up and down the home turf, this team looks all kindsa bad. Baaaaad bad. Romo reminds me of a high school quarterback - all whipped up by the defensive ends who seem to come from nowhere and everywhere all at once.

And whatever star-tarnishing got done in the endzone doesn't compare with the tarnishing this team took, giving up the kind of key turnovers that decide games.

The Ticket was mad. The Tuna was mad. And I was spitting bile and fire as we hiked back to the fucking red zone (we had a blue parking pass, but when you're three hours late, they make you park with the unwashed masses over by the car dealerships) in my nice shoes.

Spoken like a true armchair quarterback: They shoulda just played better.

Atleast the pre-game steak was good.


Make the logo bigger said...

Ouch. I feel for ya.

When they took Bledsoe off our hands in Buffalo, I knew what you were in for. Stephen Hawking's more mobile. I had to laugh when Mike Mularkey said drew was improving a few years ago. They actually had an alarm in practice that went off if he held it too long.

Yeah, that helped.

T.O. needs to get involved sooner. Right outta the gate, Drew to Terry G. Same old thing. Drew is effective with a go-to guy out of the backfield. Instead, he's turned into Daryl Lamonica trying to show he has the arm every play.

People rightfully knock TO for speaking out, but in fairness, he needs to be part of the plan earlier in games. Throw it up, let him go get it.

He can do the stuff Glenn does across the middle, slants, etc. Shit, that's how he helped Philly get to the SB.

The Tuna has a tough choice this week though. If he goes with Romo, I really think Drew is done as an NFL starter. All the league GM's will figure if Parcells can’t help Bledsoe, nobody can.

James-H said...

Yup. Everyone says Sunday'll determine Bledsoe's fate. and to be honest, I wouldn't want to be Parcells today. He's got two wild card quarterbacks and a couple million pissed off fans. There ain't a lot of win in those cards.

Agree about TO. Underused talent . Chicken/egg though: you go to the guy more if he catches more. He catches more if you go to him more. He's just been so off balance since he got here, there's no way he can perform at 100%. And surely one of the reasons his mouth just doesn't seem to close is, it seems to be the only way he can acheive the buzz he'd rather be acheiving on the field. Parcells won't let him (or the rest of this team) loose. It's like making Ahnold enlist in the Army.

Irene Done said...

I listen to the Ticket a lot and I love those guys but just a few weeks ago they were all dismissive of any suggestion that Romo would ever start. Remember Peter King? Remember the East Coast reports coming out of training camp? Everyone in this town laughed at all that.

This is kind of a constant complaint of mine--our area's best reporters never seem able to break much actual news. And all the while, Parcells continues to spill to NY guys.

MTLB -- loved the Stephen Hawking mobility line. Loved it!

Make the logo bigger said...

I do what I can.