Friday, November 17, 2006

Isn't it weird

...when we discover that advertising actors have lives?

Doesn't it undercut ones cred as a spokesperson for one of the most recognizable brands in the world to be "working on the set of Live Free or Die Hard" ?

I thought it was funny that the guy from the Zyrtec commercial (Josh Cooke) – the one where the guy is so whipped by his girlfriend that he takes Zyrtec everyday because she has a fucking cat - and she put it to him: I'm not getting rid of the cat so sneeze or get Zyrtec or LEAVE, motherfucker. And then we cut to shot after shot of the cat sticking his ass in the poor guy's face? – showed up, first in a Taylor guitar print ad, then in a short lived NBC sitcom.

Am I to so easily put aside he was the man plagued by an uncompromising woman, brutal allergies and a flaunting feline?

I know that such is the life of an actor.
But when your spokesperson goes on the record with: "we're doing some holiday spots now which I think will be pretty funny - not nearly funny enough to justify the money they're paying me though, I'll be honest with you."

OKay. NOW Apple should be pissed.

Special thanks to American Copywriter for getting my dander up on this subject.


Cameron Beck said...

That commercial sounds like a hoot, although I'm not certain how I feel about Zyrtec making me feel sorry for the poor bugger.

J_Fox said...

Apple being peeved about Justin Long's blog would be the same as FH being peeved about yours. Hmmm. I'll keep my mouth shut for twenty bucks.

James-H said...

Not a bad point, Fox. Except they aren't paying me 'entirely too much to be not-very-funny.'

Oh, and nobody ever sees my real face on this website. Just my Avatar – a drunk picture of me in a wig.

BTW: where did the term "Avatar" come from, anyway? Sounds like one of those aliens from Star Trek.

Make the logo bigger said...

Avatar fought Zyrtec for control of the third realm.

Just saying.

J_Fox said...

Dude, you're such a great straight man. Firehouse is doing nothing *but* paying you entirely too much to be not-very-funny.

You make it too easy sometimes.

And I thought Avatar was Dr. No's henchman.

James-H said...

I stand zinged.