Monday, November 06, 2006

Long live the Stereotype

Take that, Tony.

Granted, this IS utter insanity. So much so, it's almost ridiculous to run the story. No shit this wouldn't fly here. No shit, when you're in the business of ideas (not teabags) the fundamental value in changing agencies is to encourage new and different ideas.

No shit. No shit. No shit.

Imagine how weirded out BMW would be, taking their first agency tour at GSD&M and finding all their old creatives from Minneapolis unpacking their annuals in their new Austin digs. "Oh. Hi."


Not to mention all the "She's a psychotic nutbag" baggage that would be coming over with all those boxes full of Gold Pencils and sharpies. (This is not an actual reference to any BMW client. I know no such stories. I'm merely extrapolating a widely held stereotype of my own. Not that any of my past, present or future clients could ever be considered nutbags. Let's just cut this off, hmm?)

I do so love a terse caption like the one above. I predict she'll be fielding calls from Chiat/Day London all d-- oh, wait. Right.

Mmmm. Tea.

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