Friday, November 17, 2006

Second Life, pt 2

I spent a pretty serious chunk of last weekend wandering around Second Life. I was tasked with taking screen grabs of different Avatars for a super-undercover freelance job.
I learned some things.

In many ways, Second life is almost EXACTLY like first life.
Only many people are walking around in their underwear
So we've take that whole shop-at-home-in-your-underwear thing and translated it, literally, to the second screen.

One tactic frequently employed in both first life and second life is: where there are people, more people will go.
Or the 'ladies night' effect .

For those of you unfamiliar...if you search on the big map for places that look cool to visit, you can screen the ones with the most people: invariably shopping malls, casinos, dance clubs.

One of the ingenius methods these entrepreneurs employ to get bodies in their clubs, etc? Chairs that pay you to sit there. $ to sit in a chair for ten minutes. They get free advertising (an extra green blip on the map). You get $3 Linden (see the current exchange rate).

Think about it. Who wants to gamble in an empty casino? Or dance in an empty nightclub? Or eat at an empty Vietnamese restaurant? That's great insight. I mean, who wants to log on to Second Life and then go virtually sit on a virtual couch and eat virtual potato chips? Alone.

A marketing application?
Not until we start giving consumers ankle bracelets and posting their anonymous GPS coordinates online.

Oooo. Wait a minute....

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