Friday, November 10, 2006

this is living?

Just spent an hour or so getting acquainted with my Second Life Avatar, "Boris Antfarm" (Gimme a shout if you see me plodding around.

By SL standards, Boris is VERY lame.
He has no cash. He has no cool threads. He is anatomically unupgraded.
He is, pretty much, me. With a bigger chin.

This is the dawn of my experiment in SL: can you get by with a pretty realistic version of yourself?
Match wits with 10,000 posers all shopping for a bigger dick and virtual real estate?
I assume I won't get very far. Mostly because I don't have a Linden dollar to my name or the hours that seem necessary to figure out where everyone else is.

Mostly, it looks like they're at the dick-mall.

Not that that's all that surprising. I suppose 90% of people on line are shopping for some sort of sex experience.
Here, you can go to a mall full of them. It's wheels off sex for sale. Like Vegas. Or Thailand.

I heard there was a W hotel in development here. I haven't found it yet. I have, however, found a nice condo, surrounded by laser barbedwire that won't let you visit without $$$. Like the Ghostbar, I guess.

Pardon me while I live a real life for a few hours.


J_Fox said...

Is the silver hair an upgrade?

Make the logo bigger said...

Here's an article on the hotel thing, not sure if that's the one you meant.

Oh, and go for the cock ring upgrade. Strangely, it doesn't feel much different than the real thing.