Wednesday, November 08, 2006

This just in

the colors of 2007.

Of course, these are from the same folks (Microsoft and MSN are still related right?) who designed the Zune.

(actual props for the Zune microsite - that stuff is kinda bitchin'.)

So, you know. Whatever.

Also, Red is out. Blue is in.

And Fox is sort of a pasty green.


J_Fox said...

I admit to being pasty, but green? I think not. Mildly jaundiced, at best.

James-H said...

I was referring to somewhere between envious or nauseated.

J_Fox said...

Why would I be envious? I wasn't running for anything. My constituency of two remains devoted.

Make the logo bigger said...

Man, was the Fox News TV logo at half staff or what Tuesday night.