Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Callin' ME out?

Jetpacks called me out. "Works like this: You get 'tagged' - then you have to reveal some dumb unknowns about yourself. Then you are allowed to call out others."

And rather than crap all over this idea (which, I'll admit, was my first knee-jerk reaction) I'll embrace it and use it to dump a bunch of baggage I've been carrying around with me for years. Perhaps this'll be cathartic.

1. When I was six, I had tubes in my ears. My mother warned me not to get my head wet because "Your brain will rot."

2. I came in last place in a wacky t-shirt contest at the YMCA daycamp when I was eight. My T-shirt was an iron-on I got free with a Burger King Junior Whopper which featured the King, and my name, 'Jamie', typeset in 16 pt Hobo. Thus I felt the first glancing blow of creative judgment. I took it poorly. I was eight.

3. My first three girlfriends' names were "D--- Tempesta, A-- Arata (pronounced erota), and C---- Lacey". I've omitted their names to protect me.

4. My path into advertising began shortly after I ripped the antenna off a police cruiser while attending JMU in Harrisonburg, VA. there was much hitting about the head and body by the campus cadets, one of whom lent me the drivers license I used as a fake ID to buy the alcohol which was, at that very moment, affecting my judgement. When I reenrolled in college at the University of Delaware two years later, I decided against renewing my fraternity membership and chose, instead, to take a 20-hour a week job running blueprints for a woman who lived in an industrial park, drove an $80K Cadillac and wore an 18" bouffant wig. A wig I saw her remove three times, revealing a haircut sort of like Melissa Etheridge has now. It was only then that the true magic of advertising design started to twinkle in my heart.

5. I weigh 148 lbs. despite the fact that I have consumed a steady diet of mexican food, Shiner Bock and pistachio nuts for the last 8 months.





I don't have five.

And no - I don't feel a whole lot better.

(Mom, if you're reading, all was forgiven long, long ago)


Lori Witzel said...

Oh, !@#$%!

Tag I'm it again.

Well, I'll have to leaven the pic mix with another Tag Post...lurk on and you'll see it sometime before the New Year...


James-H said...

Sorry. Evidently I'm on the far end of these things. Feel free to exempt yourself. I wouldn't wish it on anyone TWICE.

Make the logo bigger said...

Speaking of keeping dry, I had to wear rubbers when I was young.

The ones for your feet.


Make the logo bigger said...

On second thought, I don’t like how Hannibal Chimps is gettin in our heads like this, making us ‘reveal’ things.

It’s very odd. Very odd.

Buck Super Stereo said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Buck Super Stereo said...

fuck me with a stick.

i don't take the time to keep my blogshit updated with anything relavant to my world these days, yet i feel compelled to keep this little game alive. i wish this were one of those fucking chain emails my mom sends so i could easily delete it and move on.

worse than my odd call to duty here, is the fact that i have even less people than the elf to tag.

speaking of the elf, did that persona die is hburg? or does he live on?

J_Fox said...

He's now known as Sweet Jimmy, the Potty-Mouthed Elf of Bile. Also, The Edge.

James-H said...

OH! A little respect!

jay @ duds said...