Friday, December 08, 2006

surprise me

In these days of highly fickle accounts and ever-shuffling CMOs and brand managers, I find it very easy to believe that Walmart could can its agency after only a month.

I mean, I canned countless girlfriends after two weeks. Once I figured out that I couldn't spend the rest of my life with them, why draw out the inevitable?

What I do find troubling is that, if one spent 6 months - or longer - going through the incredibly tedious motions of being pitched. Then agonizing over the right decision, how could you not know? What alarming thing did Walmart find under DraftFCB's skirt?

This has movie rights written all over it. Fumbling the largest football in agency history. It reeks of Terrell Owens. It reeks of the chick who tried to get tricky on the last jump of her otherwise gold-medal winning run in the Olympics last winter.

You had it in the bag.

Maybe all that $$$ just made them butterfingers. Like taking a supermodel home and then, unable to believe your own luck, find yourself struggling with the zipper on her dress so long that she figures you for a virgin. Or dropping a bottle of Rothschild on the winecellar floor.

So close...

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