Wednesday, December 06, 2006

When AEs Attack

Fox got some old AEs dander up.

Read the Article.
Then cut to the comments.

Passive/aggressive diplomacy at its finest.

On a related note, I actually had an argument over the size of the two sponsor logos on a full page "Thank You" ad today.

Cliche? Damned straight.
Art directors are soooooo boring.


Make the logo bigger said...

ADs suck. AEs rule!

Wait, I meant...

Oh never mind.

Legally, can you actually use the words " was about the work' when talking about Wal-Mart?

J_Fox said...

MTLB - no, you can't. WM was rarely about the work. If you found someone there who actually did want good work, they'd be gone in a couple of months. The phrase "regime change" started at WM.

Of course, I never could blame WM too much for not caring about the creative. What were we going to say, "If you do it our way you'll be even more dominant"? Plus, the agency had trained them to be that way for over 35 years.