Monday, March 06, 2006

Dustin' off my hat

On the heels of my "nothing is going on" post: everything is going on. I'm selling my house, driving across the country and starting a new job. In Dallas. Hot Dallas. Lived-there-before, restaurant capital of the Southwest, plastic surgery capital of the Midwest Dallas. Makes Harrisburg look like the poor excuse for a city it is Dallas. So my lungs, my arteries and the back of my neck are in for it, but the rest of me is pretty fucking excited to do this thing.

And I'm going to drive there. In my new white Volvo. Newer than ever since I sank a couple thou into it to get it inspected (sore subject, but I'm starting to get over it.) Through the Smoky Mountains. Through Bucksnort, Tennessee. Through the barbecue capital of the South, Memphis (I'll take your arguments). Down the boringest stretch of highway I've ever driven (Rt. 40 through Arkansas.)

Look for me on a Southwest-pointin' highway, barbecue sandwich in one hand, sauce dripping down my sunburned arm as I traverse this 1400 miles once again. Yee ha.