Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Idiots, part 2

I wish there was a business I could get into that is as foolproof as stock photography. Any jackass with a Nikon and a flash can crank out 4 billion photographs, submit them to any number of crappy stock photography companies, and sit back while the checks roll in.


Someone is getting good money for the use of that image. In fact, I may get a 'cease and desist' letter for including it here - but I include it as a free ad, not as a way to make money of my own. Trust me. I want nothing to do with the dollars this stuff generates.

Okay, yes I do.

That's the whole reason I'm writing this, I suppose. I just wish I was happy taking bad pictures and posting them on the internet for cash. Or smart enough to come up with the composition that involves the ugly lady, the fake frog, and the upside down picture of the mountain taped to the wall in the background. You have to TRY to suck like this.

Visit www.veer.com for more crappy pictures.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Finally something useful

A friend turned me on to this great website that helps you find music you'd like. And it actually works. I am so sick of the "recommendations" iTunes gives you: If you liked "Pink Floyd" you'll probably like more Pink Floyd. Well, no shit. Like I couldn't figure that out? Anyway, this site (part of the music genome project?) breaks down specific themes and musical components to match your tastes with a variety of mainstream and independent musical artists. Give it a whirl.