Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Go with your big bad self

I've put my finger on a phenomenon in iTunes celebrity playlist culture.

You know what this is: iTunes features a celebrity and their favorite songs (which you can buy on iTunes) so you can get Mandy Moore's favorite songs on your iPod (and thus a slightly better chance of running into her on 5th Avenue and having something to talk about other than how much you loved her in that movie she was in three years ago.)

Unless that celebrity is a rap artists - in which case their playlist is 3/4 of their latest album. How friggin' useful is THAT? How insightful. You might have every one of your own songs on your iPod (if you're Puff Daddy, you probably produced half the rap songs available for purchase on iTunes) but what does a self-referencing list do to your cred? Other than make you look like a self-important sucka? If the only music you think is worth listening to is your own, you suck, sucka. And so does your imagination.

I consider this
the equivalent of a waiter telling me "everything on the menu is good". Bullshit. You just lost any credibility with me.

That guy from "High Fidelity" would lose his mind and a lot of sleep trying to come up with the perfect list and yet you, Bow Wow, choose to use it as a way to shout out to your homies, fellow 9mil owners and your girlfriend (who references HER own songs on HER playlist.)

Exceptions to this rule: Jay-Z and Snoop. Two guys that actually have interesting and diverse music to share - selections that actually give you a glimpse into the world which inspires them. Not just the money machine.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Dresscode culture

There's always that guy (or girl) who pushes the dresscode for an entire workplace. At my last place of employment, that man had the courage to show up in a pair of cut-off camo pants and flip flops, thereby blazing the trail for others to do the same. In a week, we'd shifted from shiny shoes and shirts with collars to the sort of wardrobe that is usually reserved for college freshmen the week before Thanksgiving break.

At my new job, today that person is me.

I got a thank-you note from one of the junior writers for officially kicking off flip-flop season. My pleasure.But now I wonder, have I flip-flopped prematurely? It'll be 80+ degrees all week here in Dallas. Surely the weather is appropriate. But is the workplace ready for a department full of bare toes? Will the ladies bust out their halter tops? (this was always a no-no in my high school.) I do agree that even the hippest office should encourage their staff to keep their chests (male and female) properly shrouded. No matter the weather or what queer eye says about the second button.

And of course there's the low-rise phenomenon. I'll leave it at that. If you think this is a good idea, better have one of those Norelco puppies from my post last week.

I'm waiting for folks to start wearing shorts. Then I'll know it's gone completely to the dogs.