Friday, June 16, 2006

Daddy donuts

I almost cried in front of a room full of strange men and children this morning. It was kind of embarassing. My son's school had a pre-father's day donut breakfast. Where I was presented with a card and a keychain with my son's big grin ensconced between two plates of plastic. Not the kind of keychain I'd traditionally put on my keys, but my son was so excited to give it to me, I had to blink back tears. Funny how fatherhood'll do that to ya: make you wear matching t-shirts and hang scribbles on your office wall. Good stuff. You get to be sort of a connosoir of scribbles. And luke warm hotdogs and watered-down juice.

I got a stain on my shirt from a combination of donut glaze and crafty-tissue paper dye. And I'm not bothered in the least, because I got it with a big hug. Sappy, eh?