Wednesday, July 26, 2006


I saw Frank Gehry's documentary a few weeks ago at the Angelika here in Dallas. As a completely unqualified observation, the man's work is friggin' brilliant. He sits around his office with a team of designers, a box of toiletpaper rolls and metallic cardboard and scotch tape, and slaps together these weird little compositions that morph, over time, into soaring, completely original pieces that equally inspire me and make me ashamed of myself.

I love the contrast of those little piles of paper and the final pieces. They are so different, and yet so similar. He continually builds mock-ups in different scales 'to keep the buildings real, so the little models don't get too precious' (his words, paraphrased). Otherwise, he points out, he'd end up creating jewelry.

Anyway, his house kicks ass. He bought this very straight, normal house in Santa Monica and Gehry-ized the hell out of it. With giant flying buttress-looking structures made out of chain link . Picture the look on his LA neighbors' faces when he started installing chainlink cages shooting out of the roof of this home in this quiet suburb. "Oh fuck. There goes our property value." Quite honestly, if my next door neighbor did the same thing I'd shit. I mean, maybe in Austin... But in Coppell? With two Lexuses in every driveway and a six foot redwood board-on-board fence? I know what my neighbor, Uros (an M.D. of some kind with a Serbian accent) would say: "Do that creative stuff on the inside of your house, pal. Outside, just keep your hedge trimmed and your grass mowed and your garden weeded so I dn't have to sic the neighborhood association on your arty ass."

You have to admire a man who can stand at his bathroom sink and decide, on a whim, to take a hammer to the ceiling and put ina sky light so he has light to shave by. I can just picture Uros, watering the grub-icide into his lawn, looking up to see me punching a hole in my roof so I can have a little more light to tie my shoes.

Functionality update

I have updated some of the crap on the right side, over there - reorganized the links into a more cohesive system for the benefit of those who may check this thing out regularly. If you are in the market for some new threads, you can check out the Commerce section. If you have new threads you'd like to get sold, you can submit them and, if they seem kinda cool to me, I'll give you a referral link.

Also, there's more advertising focused stuff. I'll be filling that puppy up soon. For now it's just got a smattering of good ad blogs and a really cool website that features international advertising. Sort of like Archive without the subscription code.

And there's also a section devoted to art scenes. The two I have are for two regions I have some experience with. I'll be fortifying that one over time, as well.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Cease and desist all over you?

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