Saturday, August 05, 2006

Smart. Subtle. Sweet.

Saatchi Asia. Good for them.

Friday, August 04, 2006

07 it is

Another reason to wait for the '07 Mazda 3s.
Now that I've joined the revolution.

Coming to terms with the web

In no other media is production such a serious ass whipping as the concept, development and delivery of a new website. It makes birthing a 19 lb child seem like a walk in the park. Because there is AN END to it. Conversely, in this web delivery there is no website C-section. And no epidural (aside from Miller Lite). And there are 10 doctors in the room who each hail from a different hospital and a different way of delivering babies. Oh yeah, and the main doctor quits just as the 19lb baby's head started to show.

I have been working to redesign a website now for roughly 3 months. I've produced multiple television spots in this kind of time frame. With rabbits. I've accepted a job, bought a house, moved my family, and had custom furniture created in the time its taken for this website to come to term. And of course, it's stuck in the birth canal right now. Has been for about two weeks. And that's how comfortable I am - with a half birthed website hanging out of my uterus. Walking around, doing other things.

And people keep pointing to the website hanging, half-birthed, out of my uterus. "How's that website coming?" "I'm not finished yet - but as you can see, it's close. It's sooooo close." And I waddle off looking for hot water and a towel.

Meanwhile all I want is an epidural, and three weeks of bedrest.

But this baby is going to be pretty cool looking when it's done. I just hope I haven't fallen out of love with it for being stuck in my birthcanal for three weeks.

Thursday, August 03, 2006


I wonder what this does for my property value?

Dallas is rated the 22nd safest city for disasters (a fact I'll remind my family of next time we huddle in the walk-in closet, waiting out a tornado warning.)

Miami is voted most likely to be disasterized. Colorado is at the safer end of the spectrum. Which is probably why Alex and co. are making it their new home. That and the fact that Miami real estate is obnoxiously overpriced, despite its high probability for devastating hurricanes and proximity to Cuba, where any minute 7 million Cuban nationals may decide to take the plunge and make a swim for it. But I guess that's the price you pay for an eyeful of thong and a decent empanada.

Cleveland and Milwaukee rate safe, disaster-wise. Unless you count being bored to death as a natural disaster. Cleveland has been through enough between the 33-year baseball drought and the Drew Carey blight they endured for the next ten. And of course the Miller Brewing Company is a natural disaster all its own.

Pheonix and Tucson are also pretty safe, due in no small part to the fact that they are in the middle of friggin' nowhere. (Although if a hurricane were ever to hit Tucson, it'd be while I was playing golf there.)

And strangely, Philadelphia rates pretty safe. Although it'll be a pretty damp place if the polar ice caps melt the way Al Gore says.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Whale pants

Burberry employees everywhere: Prepare for an onslaught. I just saw BBH's latest Smirnoff Raw Tea video/spot. And it is genius.

Dudes in pink polos cruising Martha's Vineyard in their convertible Saab, rapping about things to which only rich white folks can relate. Tea sandwiches. Tennis. Topsiders. New England Gangstas. RSVP. Genius. Cast, scouted, filmed, and recorded flawlessly. And funny. And catchy. And equal parts ridiculous and cool and all the things that make hip hop videos both watchable and unwatchable in a watch-it-through-your-fingers, no-you-di'n't kind of way.

The song will end up on the radio, either as a radio spot or picked up by stations as just funny stuff.
And it'll be on my iPod by the end of the week.

Monday, July 31, 2006

And continues...

Behold the next shipment of Mazda 3s, on it way here from Japan.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

The saga continues

My 99 Volvo (the one I bought for 6K and put 6K into?)
is worth $1500 as a trade on a new car.


I'd pay someone $1500 to watch them sledgehammer the crap out of this car.

Words fail me.