Saturday, September 02, 2006

Back to school

This surfaced on the University of Delaware VC alumni website. (I'd link that, but unless you went there, you can't get in.)

Two recent UD graduates, Carson Sloan and Luke Watkins are doing a tour of design agencies across the country. And of course, they'll be bloggin it.

I'm hoping it'll be cool, and I'm keeping it close at hand. I guess it's time to add a "What the kids are up to" section on here. I do believe the children (and by children I'm referring to the 18-25 year olds who will ultimately render me useless) are our future.

If you see these guys, offer them a bath and a couple bucks for gas. Them's blue hens.

Friday, September 01, 2006


I am not a copywriter.

My copywriter likes to say that alot: You are not a copywriter.

As in, let me write the copy, jackass. You don't see me picking typefaces, do you?

As such, I am to be kept at arms length in the radio-writing process.
And the tagline process.
And the headline process (although he's openly admitted to liking a few of my headlines).

I am not a copywriter.

I am not an English major. Or a quoter of Emerson.
I am not a poet. Or a short-story author. Or a screenwriter.

I am an art director.
Not a copy writer.

My job is to keep up with, and invent, the next visual treatment, film transfer, photographic movement.
Not to jam bad puns into otherwise phenomenal concepts.

Bad art director. No copy. Sit. Stay.

I can only write copy here - where I can do no harm.
So humor me.

I am not a copywriter.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Whale Pants redux

A couple weeks ago, I posted a prediction about a surge in preppy clothes following the release of the Smirnoff Raw Tea video/ad. Since then, according to my referral activity, an awful lot of folks have been directed to Yonder ponder in search of "Whale Pants". As a valuable service, I thought I'd offer some whale pants links for these folks.

Evidently, Murrays' Toggery has the market sewn up on the pink pants (actually a seriously faded red) with whales, lobsters, frogs, pigs and, my favorite, bluefish. And even carries the madras pants made famous in Wedding crashers (pictured).

I won't argue either for or against this kind of wear. If you have the $125 to spend on a pair of pink pants, we don't travel in the same circles, and my opinion matters very little to you. I think the madras pants, in particular, are pretty dapper. But the $110 bucks might better be spent on something of consequence, like piano lessons for my three-year-old. And I'm not sure I have the additional cash to maintain the entire prep lifestyle. At last check, a Ralph Lauren Polo shirt retails at $75 or so. And I'm pretty much an Old Navy / 5.99 polo shirt kinda guy. And I live in Dallas, where they can spot the reproductions faster than Christie's can spot cheap jewelry.

Anyway, there you have it, fans of the whale. Everything you need to prep accordingly.