Thursday, September 07, 2006

Help a student out

Part of my "What the kids are up to" research found this former Blue Hen, hand-painting shoes to pay her way through an MFA. I don't know how many of my readers are into hand-painted Vans, but these are friggin DOPE and inexpensive considering.

Volvo drivers of the world unite

Despite weeks of bitching about and finally replacing my Volvo-V70-from-hell, this bumper sticker has been purchased by 8 people in three countries and 6 states.

If 4000 more people buy one, I may break even on the Volvo-owner experience. So feel free to stuff your Volvo lover's stocking this holiday!

In other news, my new Mazda 3 is totally kicking ass - and the price of gas is relenting now that the oil companies have had their best year ever. The Zoom-zoom talk has subsided, and now I consider it a personal challenge to find a way to hook up my iPod to the factory stereo system.

Stereo. I am SOOOO gen X.

fizzle fo sho

Reread this blog, as translated in

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Talking 'bout my Generation

The Dallas Morning News ran an article in this morning's business section that featured A) my name - misspelled B) a portrait of my flip-flops and C) an example of my cute comps as mentioned last week.


And while the article was well intentioned on many points, it was a little off on others. So I'll set the record straight:

I am technically too old to be Gen Y- flip-flops or no.
Tara Kirk, who gave many of the soundbites, is Gen Y.

The Living Room is actually called "The Furnace".
The Kitchen is actually called "The Middle".
You can read about all of our spaces on our kick ass new website.

We all refer to our offices as "offices" - Tara referred to it as her "room" - probably because she sleeps there on occasion.

This space has been designed to attract clients and employees alike. It is functional. And friendly. And occasionally intense in the way all advertising agencies are. And I applaud the DMN for featuring our agency as a touchstone of Gen Y office spacing, but quite honestly, we are a touchstone of small advertising agency design. And If Deloitte workers "toil away" with skyline views, and that keeps employees, good for them. Comparing this agency to Deloitte is like comparing apples to quantum physics. Flip flops aside.

Is Gen Y really still a term being bandied about? It's irritating (like Y2K was) to equate a generation with a letter. This is not well thought out - for instance, why did we start with X? Because it sounded cool (think X games, Mac OSX, etc)

But after Z, are we really going to start over? Generation A? Or are we going to name generations like Star Trek seasons? "The last generation." "The hopeless generation."

Everything I read about Gen Y is that they should be called "Generation E", "Generation Rx" or "Generation XXX".
And those sound much more assertive than Why?

Tuesday, September 05, 2006


On the heels of Jason's submission to McSweeney's coveted "Lists", I too submitted a list.
I, too, was denied.
I, too, have published it here as a high water mark of wacky journalism.
This is hereby considered NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR MCSWEENEY'S.
Not that any of you will be surprised.

On Tue, 29 Aug 2006 21:45:53 -0500, James-h wrote:

Prepositional phrases indicating places I woke up after a few beers.


In bed.
On the couch.
On the living room floor, in a suit.
Beneath a bush.
On a grassy hill.
In a strange bed, clothed.
In a foyer, naked.
In the snow.
In the back of a moving U-haul.
On a dock.
In the back seat of a parked car.
In the passenger seat of a moving car.
In the driver seat of a moving car.
On a bar.
Next to lit fireworks.
In Atlantic City.
On the beach.

The folowing encouraging (yet clearly formulaic) email followed:

Hi James,

Thanks for the lists submission. We're going to pass on it this time, but feel free to keep submitting!