Friday, October 20, 2006

I know it's all for the good, but...

...damn these two websites look alike to me.

Maybe it's because they both have taken the moral high ground. Maybe because both are used to keep innocents clean. Maybe it's just the prevalence of the color blue and the rounded corners and shit. Wash a baby penguin in the sink with a bar of Dove: "Awwwww." Pull a crestfallen teenager from the Alaskan coast (or the Hudson River) and restore her to her rightful popularity with a couple drops of Dawn: good for you!

Reminds me of the startling resemblance between Pert shampoo and Perk linoleum floor cleaner when I was a kid.

People, this is it. This what I do.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Like a hook through the eyeball

The latest blog-bait to reel me in. I simply could not look away from the banner ad (pictured).

Granted, if you go to, you're sorta itchin' to get an eyeful, but this picture crop is downright shameless.

Now, the fact that someone has dedicated a coffee-table book to actresses breasts? Blogworthy.

Out is IN?

A couple months ago I spotted an article (now removed) on the trend of gay entertainment being marginalized by the mainstream entertainment media.

Maybe they were wrong.

Out now (pardon that): Another Gay Movie.

Basically a retelling of American Pie (the part of the pie is, of course, played by a quiche) in the vein of "Scary Movie" and 'Date movie": a farce targeting the homosexual community (a community that is probably pretty squeamish about words like "targeted".)

I find it amusing that the part of Stiffler's Mom is played by now-incarcerated, oft-unclothed Survivor survivor Richard Hatch.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

What Would Austin Do?

I'd be more outraged about this story if I'd lived somewhere other than Harrisburg six months ago (ten feet from the school that was adding creationism to its curriculum.)

ASIDE: thanks to Irene for catching me up on this whole thing.
Clearly, I live in a bubble.

The short of it: Frisco art teacher takes kids to the art museum. Kid is offended by nudity (or describes nudity to parent, who is instantly offended) Teacher is given option to resign or be fired.


Now, for the record, I agree that kids should not b be able to pull up porn in the school library. I'm a parent. I see value in sheltering my kid from images of violence and perversion in an unstructured context. But an Art Museum is hardly an unstructured context. In order for a piece of work to hang in the DMA, it goes through a pretty serious filter: art professionals who've spent a lifetime studying and ultimately curating and presenting art for public consumption. And I imagine that job is a little more difficult to do in Dallas than it is in New York City. One of many reasons why I like this city: it is NOT New York City.

The DMA is not the Whitney, after all. Or even the Fort Worth Modern. The DMA is pretty tame by art standards. This city has made so much progress in the development of its art offering. The Nasher Sculpture Garden, is only the latest in a string of moves designed to uplift Dallas' artistic profile. Kids need to be exposed to art (and the occasional representation of "no-no parts") to gain some perspective. It is exactly the kind of experience that helps them to distinguish between a nude and latest promo pic.

It's a pretty tight line to walk exposing kids to anything in this day and age without the fear that one in 50,000 children will be offended by something you put in front of them. And firing someone over a single instance of "indecent exposure" seems a litttle excessive. Even by Texas' conservative standards.

The Frisco school system would have you believe this just one of many things wrong with this teacher's performance. Be that as it may, it's hard to say that sharing the DMA with a group of fifth graders could be construed as one of the "many things".

The question isn't whether or not the teacher should be fired. It sounds like she should, for a bunch of reasons that have nothing to do with once child being offended by an unnamed artwork at the DMA. The question is, why does this city take the words of one student in 50,000 and turn it into an indictment of the school system, the school board, the DMA and the appropriateness of art for school children?

And what's next?

Monday, October 16, 2006

a rebuttal.

My friend, Fox, over at the Adhole, linked up a little article about the decline of the flip-flop. Just in time to coincide with the first 3-footer to fall in New York State, flip-flops are officially going out of style.

I wore flip-flops for something like 80 days straight this summer.
Just like I did last summer.
And the summer before that.

I've been wearing flip flops as my primary shoe wear pretty much since I was a junior in high school, when I bought my first pair of super-thick Reefs at a surfshop in Ocean City, NJ (Big shout out to the 7th street gang)

Weirdly, I've been so NOT cool for so long that eventually, cool found me. This made it convenient for me to, say, wear flip flops to dinner at DelFrisco's a few weeks back. I probably would have tried to do this anyway, just to draw the occasional dirty look. I needn't have worried, my shower-wear was NOTHING compared to the guy in the Nascar T-shirt whose children were gathered around a portable DVD player in the restaurant's main dining room.

Poor out-of-style me.

If you read the article closely, it's all New Yorkers bitching about how dirty the streets (and thus a flip-floppers feet) are. I simply don't have that problem padding around my house, my back yard, or my office in a pair of properly broken in leather thongs. And honestly, a pair of combat boots would look a little out of place in Dallas.

I think we can safely blame the entire trend on miami Chic. Where less is never enough. And where women can get away with wearing nothing more than shoe polish and a smile, and still get a seat at any steak restaurant in town.

Yes, yes. *sigh* I'll be wearing shoes from now on. Especially now that I know there's a rule about no flip-flops on the hardhat tour. But you bet your pedicure I'll be cracking those flipflops out again next May. Cool or, more probably, not.