Friday, October 27, 2006

A Poll up my...

A friend actually emailed me today to specifically ask if he should buy a Volvo on eBay.
Long time readers can only imagine my response, in all its f-bombed glory. But I thought, courtesy of a poll-making machine I found on Make the Logo Bigger (kick ass, bro) I'd open it up to the floor:

Have you ever been fucked on eBay?
Hell, Yes
Don't Know
Define "fucked"
Define "ever"
Define "eBay"
Conscientious Objector
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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

fascination with metrics

This is kind of cool.

(thank you, Shake Well...)
I've been hearing a lot about metrics recently. Someone described how much testing Red Lobster does with their advertising (friends who work on that business say that with a low whistle). They described an "interest meter" dial, whereby you can vote with your fingertips anywhere from "very interested" to "Dissinterested".
Man frolicking in Maine surf: not interested. Hot butter: interested. Etc.

I'd like to have that to vote on TV commercials in real time.
I'd like a button on my remote that sends a message to advertisers and tells them "great job."
Or "Shut up."

And I'm sure engineers are hard at work making this a reality.
It'll be a whole new kind of ad critic. A whole new YouTube.

No more focus groups - just cold hard "love it/sucks" feedback from Joe Armchair.

Pro sports.

How would Katie feel about the red light going off in the studio the moment she sat down on the edge of her desk. Could we make it so she'd actually jump back off the desk and climb back into her chair? It'd be like news anchor puppetry. Oh, wait...

Or would NBC be able to cut footage into sitcoms on the fly? Put Matthew Perry in the pink shirt. They're liking the PINK SHIRT. GO! GO! GO!

How long until Parcells getting a buzzer in his ear that 3.2 million TV fans think he should pull Bledsoe?
(Not to discount a stadium full of people chanting "RO-MO. ROOOOOO-MOOOOOO.")

The future will kick ass.


Whatever happened to the witty headline? Fox would have you believe that the days of the punnerific headline are behind us, along with mullets, spots directed by Pytka and Leo Burnettisms.

But I see articles like the one pictured above, and I think: if ever there was an appropriate time for Adweek to drag out the double entendre, THIS is it. Sally forth and take a swing. A jab. A poke. At least a tip of the hat.

"5 agencies left to service Penthouse"
"Penthouse faces hard decision"
"Droga 5 and others lower expectations, pants."

Fun, isn't it?
I mean the article itself is a throwaway - why not get a little credit for recognizing that and making this a little blogbait? At least Leno-bait.

Go on. Take your best shot.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006


The Cowboys are looking pretty bad today. From the parking lot to the slot. From the pitiful drive to the stadium (3 hours??) to the pitiful drives up and down the home turf, this team looks all kindsa bad. Baaaaad bad. Romo reminds me of a high school quarterback - all whipped up by the defensive ends who seem to come from nowhere and everywhere all at once.

And whatever star-tarnishing got done in the endzone doesn't compare with the tarnishing this team took, giving up the kind of key turnovers that decide games.

The Ticket was mad. The Tuna was mad. And I was spitting bile and fire as we hiked back to the fucking red zone (we had a blue parking pass, but when you're three hours late, they make you park with the unwashed masses over by the car dealerships) in my nice shoes.

Spoken like a true armchair quarterback: They shoulda just played better.

Atleast the pre-game steak was good.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Gettin Techy with it

That's right. Now I have a Technorati Profile.

And there was much pointing and cajoling.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Stupid TV

Addicted to "Heroes".
Fanciful crap - just what I need on a Monday night.