Saturday, November 11, 2006

Pop Culture Currency

In my conversation with Luke and Carson, I started in on the value of what I referred to as "cultural currency" - That is, when an advertising campaign gives you some sort of in-the-know ammunition whereby you feel like an insider, sharing what you've found/learned/found particularly funny (like I do here each day).

I'd like to amend the term: Pop culture currency.

Cultural currency is probably best left to the sociology majors and anthropologists, who'll tell you its exact definition. Cultural currency probably deals with much broader, deeper and important issues than I really get my hands on in this blog. I'll save that for the drama of my life.

I'm talking about the value of viral advertising to the person who's sending it. "I found it first." "I don't think YOU'VE seen this yet." "Look at MY take on this now ubiquitous YouTube video" etc. It's not unlike your technoratability - does passing certain information on, properly couched with snark, witicism or the very over used "I don't typically forward this kind of thing, but..." give you some sort of pop-culture cred?

Pop culture currency.

Somebody stick it in Wikipedia.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Tran.sit - Dallas

Just finished giving Luke and Carson a look around Firehouse. And a pretty verbose, f-bomb strewn peek into what I see and value from students coming out of ad school these days. These guys just graduated from the U of Delaware VC program (the one I call my alma mater) in May.

I mentioned their project a few weeks ago - you can read all about it on their blog/website/student resource.

It's pretty amazing. Remarkable in scope. And they're doing it all on their own dime.

Anyway - anyone in Dallas or points east that wants to get involved and give the guys someone to talk to can contact them at via the site. They say they'll be in Dallas through Tuesday. And then they are heading toward DE in time for Thanksgiving.

this is living?

Just spent an hour or so getting acquainted with my Second Life Avatar, "Boris Antfarm" (Gimme a shout if you see me plodding around.

By SL standards, Boris is VERY lame.
He has no cash. He has no cool threads. He is anatomically unupgraded.
He is, pretty much, me. With a bigger chin.

This is the dawn of my experiment in SL: can you get by with a pretty realistic version of yourself?
Match wits with 10,000 posers all shopping for a bigger dick and virtual real estate?
I assume I won't get very far. Mostly because I don't have a Linden dollar to my name or the hours that seem necessary to figure out where everyone else is.

Mostly, it looks like they're at the dick-mall.

Not that that's all that surprising. I suppose 90% of people on line are shopping for some sort of sex experience.
Here, you can go to a mall full of them. It's wheels off sex for sale. Like Vegas. Or Thailand.

I heard there was a W hotel in development here. I haven't found it yet. I have, however, found a nice condo, surrounded by laser barbedwire that won't let you visit without $$$. Like the Ghostbar, I guess.

Pardon me while I live a real life for a few hours.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

lose lose lose

Assuming you're one of Britney and Kevin's children...
Live with Mommy
Live with Daddy
Live with Mommy and Daddy
Child Protective Services
What OTHER options do I have?
Free polls from

*SFX here*

Fast Company did this feature on a crazy new idea whereby musicians retain the rights to their own music.

In my day we called it "starving".

But now, this iTunes fighter is putting indie music in the hands of indie-music-starved desktop-hermits everywhere

Or something.

I'm jamming out to the Phish Parking Lot mix tape.
Reminds me of Pandora with an option to buy.

Rumblefish's day job? Helping companies develop an audio identity (theme songs, mnemonics, sound effects and other brand soundscaping.

If it wasn't merely independent music, we'd call this a paradigm shift. Right now, we'll just call it a shot over the bow of the paradigm. Consider yourself warned, Clive Davis

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

This just in

the colors of 2007.

Of course, these are from the same folks (Microsoft and MSN are still related right?) who designed the Zune.

(actual props for the Zune microsite - that stuff is kinda bitchin'.)

So, you know. Whatever.

Also, Red is out. Blue is in.

And Fox is sort of a pasty green.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Ding Dong

You can almost hear the collective sigh of relief.

You got your crazy politicians, and then you got Santorum. God love 'em, the man's not right. Pennsylvania has spoken.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Long live the Stereotype

Take that, Tony.

Granted, this IS utter insanity. So much so, it's almost ridiculous to run the story. No shit this wouldn't fly here. No shit, when you're in the business of ideas (not teabags) the fundamental value in changing agencies is to encourage new and different ideas.

No shit. No shit. No shit.

Imagine how weirded out BMW would be, taking their first agency tour at GSD&M and finding all their old creatives from Minneapolis unpacking their annuals in their new Austin digs. "Oh. Hi."


Not to mention all the "She's a psychotic nutbag" baggage that would be coming over with all those boxes full of Gold Pencils and sharpies. (This is not an actual reference to any BMW client. I know no such stories. I'm merely extrapolating a widely held stereotype of my own. Not that any of my past, present or future clients could ever be considered nutbags. Let's just cut this off, hmm?)

I do so love a terse caption like the one above. I predict she'll be fielding calls from Chiat/Day London all d-- oh, wait. Right.

Mmmm. Tea.

With a straight face

Ran across this ad in Adweek's Creative section.

I like this quote:

"In other contexts, a photo of a woman sprawled on a blue velvet backdrop and dressed only in a strategically positioned strand of cocoa butter might seem over the top. For this product, however, such a visual feels not only acceptable but essential."

Uh, okay.

The article is full of such observations. Read it. I swear it's a joke.

I like this particulary because the CD is a guy I went to school with.
Kudos, Brad.