Friday, December 08, 2006

surprise me

In these days of highly fickle accounts and ever-shuffling CMOs and brand managers, I find it very easy to believe that Walmart could can its agency after only a month.

I mean, I canned countless girlfriends after two weeks. Once I figured out that I couldn't spend the rest of my life with them, why draw out the inevitable?

What I do find troubling is that, if one spent 6 months - or longer - going through the incredibly tedious motions of being pitched. Then agonizing over the right decision, how could you not know? What alarming thing did Walmart find under DraftFCB's skirt?

This has movie rights written all over it. Fumbling the largest football in agency history. It reeks of Terrell Owens. It reeks of the chick who tried to get tricky on the last jump of her otherwise gold-medal winning run in the Olympics last winter.

You had it in the bag.

Maybe all that $$$ just made them butterfingers. Like taking a supermodel home and then, unable to believe your own luck, find yourself struggling with the zipper on her dress so long that she figures you for a virgin. Or dropping a bottle of Rothschild on the winecellar floor.

So close...

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

A sure-fire McSweeney's List

Submitted today:

Knitting blog names:

Dances with Yarn
Knitta Please
Purl up with a good Yarn
Twisted Knitter
Yarn Boy
The knit has hit the fan
The needle and the damage done

Thanks to Amy: knitter and linker extraordinaire.

When AEs Attack

Fox got some old AEs dander up.

Read the Article.
Then cut to the comments.

Passive/aggressive diplomacy at its finest.

On a related note, I actually had an argument over the size of the two sponsor logos on a full page "Thank You" ad today.

Cliche? Damned straight.
Art directors are soooooo boring.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006


I know I spend all kinds of time here referring to what a great job I think CP&B does. But I was just poking around on the vw website (not because I'm car shopping, but because I'm a little bored and I'm wide awake) and it suddenly dawned on me: I don't like VW anymore. And I'm blaming it on two things:

I'm no longer their target (although I bought a car in their price range and class this year).

I no longer feel an emotional connection with the brand.

Which is sort of weird. You see, I grew up with a collection of VWs. My dad liked them. I liked them. My first car was a VW Quantum. My sister's first car was a VW. My wife's first car purchase was a used Passat. I did an honors thesis researching VW ads, and their creators, in college.

I was smitten.

And then Arnold started doing those great, great TV spots for the Jetta, the Golf, the New Beetle. Remember when "Pink Moon" started playing? Holy shit - if there was one thing Arnold knew how to do and do well, it was an emotionally charged VW commercial with a compelling soundtrack. I still get goosebumps.

CPB? Not so much. Funny stuff. Different stuff. But emotionally poignant stuff? I can't think of one. A lot of their new stuff has a similar freshness to the product/benefit stuff DDB did back in the early days of the beetle (I'm thinking about the new John Mayer/guitar ad where you get to see the windshield wipers that make a great metronome.

But not necessarily emotionally deep work. I mean, I'll remember the "pink moon" spot for a long time. And I don't think I'll remember much emotional work from CPB at all.

Except for that Ikea Lamp Spot. Jesus, was that good.

Monday, December 04, 2006

A lesson in useful online content

Amazing that you'd find anything of use here, eh?

Thanks to the tran.sit guys visits, I stumbled onto the Newhouse Design website tonight and found, on the front page, a plethora of great design links. And if you've ever admired a particularly well-illustrated map of, say, an airport or a sporting venue, chances are, Newhouse Design did it.

Yeah, North Texas.

Anyway, the list clipped to the front page has all kinds of goodies - all appropriately listed descriptively, not by name, so you have no idea what you're gonna get (good web design is like a box of chocolates?)

Holy crap, Mack, there's another dude monkeying around on your turf.