Monday, January 01, 2007

For the man who hates everything

One of my more meaningful Christmas presents this holiday was not peace, a tankless water heater or a barbecue smoker. Truth be told, I received none of those things (although the deaths of Saddam and James Brown have come close to delivering on peace. Now there's a statement that'll surely put me in hot water with someone. I'm not exactly drawing a parallel between these men - just their time of death. James Brown's passing means a lot less "HEY! God GOD!" - which, could be characterized as a kind of peace. And Saddam - well that one's less clear but probably more significant in the grand scheme of global peace.) I don't know what role Former President Ford plays in this whole thing, but he didn't seem to figure in near as much as the other two.)

No. It was a new pair of running sneakers. A pair of sneakers I actually bought myself, as part of my new year's resolution to A) get more exercise in an effort to destress myself and B) shrink what's fast becoming an honest-to-God beer belly. Just downloaded a training schedule: couch potato to 5K in 6 weeks.

Just today I joined my wife (also running/walking) and my son (riding his bike) on a two-miler that left me wheezing and sore for the first part of the afternoon.

(My other great gift this holiday was a couple tickets to see Robert Earl Keen whinney out a couple Texas ballads at Bass Hall. Actually beats the heck out of a tankless water heater, from what I've read.)

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