Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Have I mentioned people are idiots?

Why yes. Yes I have.

I suppose it bears repeating when I see stuff like this going on.

The "Insult to injury" tax.
Like paying a fine for "polluting" in addition of the ticket for urinating in public.
Or the IRS conducting an audit on a man who has been extorted.

It's an idiot tax, really. And if we had more of them, this government could see your war and raise you a military action.

I think the government should get a cafe press account. Dude! Do you know how much money you could get selling "Reagan T-shirts" alone? Even well-respected idiots are worth an ironic buck or two.

Think about what politics has done for the bumper sticker industry. We're a frigging bumper sticker democracy. Nobody votes anymore. They just put a witty world-view on their bumper and the poor bastard they just cut off knows how they'd vote if they had opposable thumbs, a greencard, and a home address on record.

At least the smart people are losing money.

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Make the logo bigger said...

I propose a new law: lawmakers are free to propose things like this, but their salary then has to come from the profits of the illegal drugs they wish to tax.