Tuesday, January 09, 2007

A little shout out to Apple

That phone is Dope.
Too-dope-for-my-carrier(Sprint) Dope.

I have to hand it to you, Apple. You have detected my "I want it" gene.
You have officially given me the first compelling reason to dump my cell phone company since I signed up for a cell phone 8 years ago.

8 YEARS????

I am a MASTODON of cellular faithfulness.
I heard a stifled gasp (8 Years??) of disbelief when I renegotiated my contract recently.

I'd be two years from a gold watch in the golden age of gold watches.

If my cell phone was a rent-controlled apartment, people would be offering to fellate me to inherit my lease.

But no.

Sprint has done NOTHING for me. Other than drop fewer calls in my area than T-Mobile.
And acquire Nextel (Push-to-talk?? GODDAMMIT those people are idiots).

They are losing customers and firing employees at an alarming rate.

And they won't be able to offer the iPhone.

Worry, Sprint. If you lose me, you've lost it all.

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