Friday, January 19, 2007

long live the lazy gene

You know the new Old Spice commercial where Bruce Campbell refers to it, over and over? My "it" is a casual day in the edit suite, sipping Snapples and giggling over American Idol with my producer/ECD/ex-copywriter/editor/editor's assistant.

I could always have MORE of it.
I certainly don't want LESS of it.

(Kudos to Weiden, and to American Copywriter for all the blog/press they've given it - that campaign is cultural currency in all its glory. another page of the ManLaw bible, maybe, but fucking FUNNY.)

But back to my catered, cozy black leather couch in a dark room with nary a suit in sight.

Oh I was working, dammit. But it's just so pleasant to work in a room full of TVs, some of which may or may not be equipped with satellite cable. I have a lazy gene and it sure likes to go for a spin.

Of course it all screeched to a halt when I was torn from my reverie to negotiate stock photography for 3 hours straight.


Why is it that, as painful as stock photography is to look at, it's 3 times as painful to use? Isn't that sort of the idea? Pictures of India without the runs, etc? So why am I getting a full colonoscopy in exchange for 4 pictures of kids eating sand and poking fish with sticks?

By the way, after laying down one hell of a buttery scratch track, I officially have a two-spot voiceover reel. Call me Riney Jr. (RJR?) If you need supa-smooth snark or wisecracking faux-New Yorker, I'm your guy.


I'm the one who isn't old and gravely sounding.

Hell yeah - the sooner I can do voiceovers full time, the sooner I can open a Sammy's Barbecue three blocks over.


Make the logo bigger said...

I smell a 'Get in touch with your lazy, boy’ campaign from someone now for them.


J_Fox said...

Hey! I'm the one who IS old and gravelly sounding. We're the same age, Calvin.