Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Reality TV for smarter idiots

There are so many layers of irony and stupidity in The Burg, it makes the Real World look real. Characters you love hating to love. Language that makes you feel sorry for the poor children of rich parents. Wardrobe that would make Cindi Lauper twitch. The Burg has so flawlessly rendered hipster Williamsburg (to be fair, I have spent exactly zero minutes and zero seconds anywhere closer than a mile from Williamsburg/Brooklyn) that you stop caring about the characters at least once in every scene. And yet it's as addictive a sticking your tongue on a 9V battery.

Basically, it's YouTube Dynasty - with no money, attractive people, or intrigue. It's like Seinfeld without laughs. It's like The Real World San Francisco without Puck. It's like Desperate Housewives, without housewives.

I'll bet you get hooked.

Thanks to the Vulture, as always.

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