Tuesday, January 23, 2007

SAGs next hurdle

"We don't need no stinking actors."

In the late 90's, the proliferation of dirt-cheap buy-out talent in Europe and South America was the answer to the SAG strike. And a boon to the economies of South Africa and Vancouver. Now it looks like we can sidestep high-priced spokesperson contracts with artificial people.

File under super-creepy.

Also, is a faux-Redenbacher REALLY what that brand needs? Wasn't the son nerdy enough?
And does anyone else smell the exhumed remains of Dave Thomas?

I haven't seen the actual spot, but this seems like a very un-CPB move: parading out what may be considered memorable, but in my opinion, seriously lackluster work from the sixties and seventies. Leave that shit to FCB. (in 2000).

You want to dig old icons out of the advertising closet and breath new life into them, do it like Weiden did a few years back with their "Girl on the moon" /True Romance rip. Atleast that had some style. And a distinct nostalgic tang. Talking cyborgs of dead people doesn't make for appetizing popcorn. Or advertising.


Make the logo bigger said...

SAG's next hurdle should be getting their card back from Paris Hilton and/or Paulie Shore.

J_Fox said...

The spot is hideous. It should be able to stand on its own without the creep factor, but it can't. Horrible writing. Bad CG or latex or whatever the frick it is. That's right, I'm calling you out, Alex! And I said "frick"!