Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Thinly Veiled Communism

Red is back.

Whether it's Starbucks (thanks Bill)

Or another corporate scheme that awkwardly bends goodwill to the means of corporate hucksters.


And you, Joe red-ipod-sporting 24-50 year-old , go ahead and feel a little better about your new cell phone and your our red sweatshirt from the Gap, listening to Bono sing about dismantling an atomic bomb. That's right. As a valuable Gap consumer, you are MAKING A DIFFERENCE to the lives of millions of poor, suffering babies in Africa.

Brangelina, my tearing-up eye.

Dig into these brands and see just how concerned they are about social problems. Where's all that goodwill when it comes time to show a little bit of transparency with your manufacturing practices; your concern for the healthcare of the folks who screw together those Armani wrist watches and sew the little "I give a shit" tag into each one of those Converse sneakers.

That's not to say I'm some anti-GAP wearing hippie. Just someone who thinks all this buy-it-for-them crap is a little tired.

Buy the fucking iPod for YOU. And shut up.

Where's McCarthy when you need him?

(P.S. I know this is a little late in coming, what with Red's introduction in - uh -October? But I can really only bitch about so much stuff at a time.)


Jetpacks said...

I am going to start making my own clothes now.

J_Fox said...

When will Bono heed my plea to sponsor a line clothes aimed at curing diabetes? It can even be an extension or inspi(red) called (in)sulin™. Pure gold, baby.

James-H said...

Right after he dismantles my atomic ass.

James-H said...

excuse me, atomic ass™.

Buck Super Stereo said...

this is going to sound a little defensive b/c i'm a huge fan of u2, but....

i tend to trust this a little more BECAUSE of bono's involvement. that old rockin fart has been concerned over africa issues since the mid 80's. that's over 20 years or running to a stand still. (sorry, very lame song reference with really no relevancy at all).

now, i certainly agree with the rant on all the corps jumping on because its cool or hip. but in the end, it is for a decent cause.

and if a small portion of my gap courderoy pants goes to help some little baby that didn't win the brangolina lottery, then good for me. i'm helping out the world and yeah me, i'm altruistic now.

but then again, i'm not basing my decision to buy it there because of their affiliation with this, but merely because gap pants look fantastic on my ass.