Monday, February 12, 2007


Sorry, fair friends.
I have removed some of your links from my template.
I suspect each of your blogs will suffer minimally, if at all.
But if you are not a-posting regularly, I have made the decision to no longer a-link.

Nothing personal.
I love each of you as people, some of you as my own brothers, sisters, step-sisters, or otherwise chemically-attributed siblings.

but I am chasing a Technorati rating here, and 'no content' equals death in the blogosphere. I have been blessed with your referrals - some of whom have become quite regular.

I know, I know. There were those of you (Buck) who were blogging long before I was even familiar with such terminology.

Feel free to get yourselves back in the mix, after your children turn three, your jobs coalesce and your spouses finally let you sit in front of a computer for a reason other than to pay the water bill.

Until then, link - delink - send me a rain of hate-spam.
I'll understand.


1 comment:

J. Holden said...

James -

Not sure I can help you with the old Technorati rating, but I can always use the support of an old friend.
Plus if I win, I'll be sure to remember favorably those who helped the cause.

Say "Hi" to Nations for me. And all the best.