Monday, February 19, 2007

Fantasy Agency

If you could build your own fantasy killer agency, who's on your list?
Here's mine:

City: Barcelona (maybe a satellite in Sao Paolo?)

Structure: St. Luke's (sounds good in theory)

CD: Paul Lavoie, Taxi (smart, fun, traditional advertising that's anything but)

Producer: Nicky Barnes,Fallon UK (Wrangles 250,000 superballs down the streets of SF. Gotta love that.)

Clients: Geico (cool insurance), Southwest Airlines(a unique brand that appeals to everyone without the baggage o of the competitive set), HP(elegantly rises above the nerd-dom of mainstream peripherals).

AEs: CPB (those fuckers can help sell ANYTHING)

Planners: Goodby's HP team (Brief leads to memorable, effective, award-winning work I'd be proud of in my portfolio that is neither tricky nor common.)

Interactive: EVB (OfficeMax, elf yourself - deep and f'ing viral, ages 2-92)

Results: Chiat/Day's iPod work (ubiquitous, indelible, effective, kinda cool)

Are there other positions to recognize?
BTW: if this is already being done somewhere, please let me know.


Make the logo bigger said...

I'd also steal Fenkse from W+K and pay him A-Rod money.

Maybe I'd go with AKQA for interactive.

Irene Done said...

I thought Fenske went back to teaching, didn't he? If so, that means he, for one, passed by the whole fantasy agency thing and went straight for the fantasy life.

Gotta admire that.

Make the logo bigger said...

Thought he went to W+K last year to work on ‘Coke Side of Life.’

Irene Done said...

Changed his mind --

Is something going on at Wieden?

Make the logo bigger said...

Well in that case, if he left for teaching, then money, not even A-Rod money, would sway him.