Tuesday, February 06, 2007


After reading this little beauty about how Windows Vista may be eviscerating unwary iPods across the globe, I decided to look into the new Vista OS for Windows. Not that I'm leaning toward a PC right now, but I figured it was worth taking a look.

Fast Company ran this article devoted to the four-note introduction - the music you hear as the system is initializing - that piqued my curiosity. It's supposed to reflect the rhythm of "Win-dows Vi-sta." There was a picture of what looked like a room full of musicians and the article described a long and deliberate process, so (and I admit that in retrospect, this is silly) I was expecting great things. Actually, many things that go through a long and deliberate process come out not so great at all.

And the Vista theme is one of these things.

Pronounce the words "Windows Vista" out loud. Probably a higher note on the Win- and the Vi-. So why did they use the "My-dog-has-fleas" theme? You know "My dog has fleas?" EADG? First four strings on a guitar - every guitar student knows My Dog Has Fleas. To be fair, the notes are actually: BEAB (I think). Sing it with me now: Win-DOWS Vi-STA!

Twenty musicians working together isn't cheap - even if one of them is from officially washed-up band*, King Crimson. Can you see the looks on Microsoft employees' faces when they hear "My dog has fleas" and realize that development money came out of 2006's profit sharing? And then they take home their beta copy and it erases the iPod they hide inside their Hollowed-out Zune and realize that Microsoft is ON TO THEM. And then they have to burn their house down like Gene Hackman in "Enemy of the State"?

*I have no factual basis for this claim.

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Moda di Magno said...

Hollowed out Zune. Laughing inappropriately in my cubsicle right now.