Monday, February 26, 2007

I love the pitch

I need momentum. And a hard deadline. And a definition of success.

And that is why I love a pitch.

I am in pitch-mode. My agency is in pitch mode.

Selling anything cool? Cause we are pitching.

And our pitch is getting better and better.

Smarter. More fluid. Funnier.

Anything goes.

Because it's a pitch.

None of this YouTube pitch bullshit (to kick a rotting corpse of a horse).

But motherfucker, wheel in the smart fluid funny.
Charts? Great. Powerpoint? Better. Wardrobe? Check.

Pitch mode has been taking precedence over blog mode.

Luckily, there's a deadline.

Lucky me.

Oh yeah. Most of our pitches are a secret.

But if you want to see what we've won, we usually post it.

1 comment:

Make the logo bigger said...

Better still is winning. AS Nuke would say,

“It's like, better than losing!”