Tuesday, February 20, 2007

in the news

Another slightly-less-dead, but no less slutty blonde makes news by, get this, shaving her head.

When I see news blot out the sun with this kind of totality, I ALWAYS wonder what's going on today that would be much MORE interesting to report on:

Lying is now an act of good faith..
There's a family value for ya.

Vindictive appendectomies may be a thing of the past.. (Warning, viewer discretion is advised.)

Judge not lest ye be caught , hungover, in a convenience store.

And of course, there's the ever-looming deadline of armageddon.

Okay - you're right. Tell me more about Britney's scalp.


Make the logo bigger said...

You know things are messed up when K-Fed starts looking like the normal one.

James-H said...

Totally. He's the only one who's earning some legit bucks. Although surely BS has some royalties trickling in. And I wouldn't put it past her to get a cut of the hair auction.

Jetpacks said...

This is what happens when trailer trash gets rich.

But you're right, the horror of the real news might be what drives "us" to revel in the retardations of the glitteratti.

Then again, it's fun to watch no-talent bimbos crash and burn.

James-H said...

...or overdose and tax the florida legal system.

Make the logo bigger said...

Now she's back in-out-in of rehab again. Let the brand one-offs begin:

“No matter how many times you sign yourself in or out, Bic works–first time every time.

Stan Lee said...

Give her a break. She's obviously been doing her best to take the minds of the heartbroken American populace off the Anna Nicole mystery.